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Mudras, Mantras and Mind Yoga with Anu

  • 2 Batches every Friday at 7:30 am and 9:00 am PDT
  • In person and online
  • Level: All levels
  • Location: Jiaren Yoga Studio, 1171 Homestead Rd, Ste 140 Santa Clara, CA 95050
  • All genders welcome
  • Cost: $20 per class if in person and $10 for online class. Book here.
  • If you want a monthly membership see details here.

Mudras are hand gestures that work with energy channels in the body to promote physical and emotional balance.

Mantras are sacred sounds that have a transformative effect on the mind and body.

The whole yoga routine includes meditation, mantras, mudras, breathwork, movement and poses which help our body and mind shift from "fight or flight" mode to "rest and digest" mode.

1. Relax your Mind
2. Feel grounded and supported
3. Calm the nervous system
4. De stress and connect with your body and breath.
5. Improve the flow of Prana (Chi Energy) within you
6. Focus your mind and be ready for the day!
Register for Next Class (Look for Mudras, Mantras and Mind Yoga on Fridays with Instructor as Anumeha G.)

“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”

- Herman Hesse

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