9 tips to Care for yourself during your Menstrual Cycle

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menstrual cycle tips

As per my guru, Mother Maya, women must care for themselves during their menstrual cycle. The more we take care during menstruation, the easier our menopausal transition will be. She asks us to also teach our daughters the same so they can carry on this ancient tradition and benefit our future generations. Here are her tips for the same:

  1. Slow Down - avoid unnecessary arduous activities like gardening, exercising, running around in your car, etc.
  2. Body and mind should experience the least amount of intrusion. Avoid neti pot or mantra chanting and any daily practice that is intrusive to the body or mind.
  3. Do not cohabitate with your partner.
  4. Minimize body cleansing. Take a quick cool shower or sponge bath.
  5. Refrain from grocery shopping and cooking to prevent the powerful energy from pervading the food.
  6. Try to carve out time alone and introspect. Let your family members know that you would like some me time.
  7. Maintain a wholesome diet of juices, light grains like Basmati, Millet, Couscous, Amaranth, Quinoa, sauteed leafy greens, fresh fruit, and sauteed vegetables. Herbal teas like raspberry, rose flower, peppermint, ginger, and lemon are also good choices as they revitalize the body. 
  8. Ancestral food is a good idea especially if it comforts you. But go slow on the meat.
  9. Create a dedicated Goddess Space in your home to retreat in. Envision that you are surrounded by Goddess Shakthi in a circle of white light. Keep the circle around you wherever you go. Stay calm and collected till your cycle is over.

Source: Mother Maya's Teachings



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