If you feel Scattered, it could be your Vata dosha!

ayurveda balance holistic mind vata Apr 07, 2023
Ayurveda Recommendations for a Scattered Mind

Have you ever felt lonely, isolated, anxious, scattered, hyperactive? Have you noticed a flurry of thoughts which make decision making a struggle. Have you experienced loss of confidence and a strong desire to disown your family and move away to make a new beginning.

While your mind feels restless, your body might be showing any of the following symptoms:

- Dryness of skin

- Constipation

- Incompletele evacuation of bowels

- Gas

- Dryness of eyes

- Feeling more cold than normal

- Cold hands and feet.


In Ayurvedic Terms, these are signs of the Vata Energy (Space + Air elements) in your body being out of balance. Just like an electric bulb runs on electricity, our body runs on three energies - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When we are born we have a unique combination of these energies in our body. When we go out of balance, we have basically aggravated one of the energies and need to bring it back to the original numbers that we were born with.


If you experience any of the above symptoms it is a good idea to  try some of the following Ayurvedic Recommendations:

  1.  Do Alternate Nostril Breathing Daily. This yogic practice has profound effects on Body, Mind and Soul. It is a good idea to start the day with minimum 3 rounds of this practice. Learn about this practice over here.
  2.  Do Self- Oil Massage. Massage is to the body what Love is to the Soul! Choose a warming oil like Sesame Oil. Fill a glass with hot water and keep the sesame oil bottle in it to warm the oil via secondary heat. Apply all over the body before bath.It is important to even oil your ears here. Dip your pinky in the oil and gently coat the inside of your ears with it. And then have a shower. I use this oil.
  3.  Morning Journal. Write 5 good traits in yourself. Do this every morning. This helps build self esteem and focuses the mind on the good.
  4.  Drink Warm Water. Fill a thermos with warm water and drink through out the day. I use this one. Drinking warm water has a calming effect on body and mind and works beautifully to keep anxiety at bay.
  5.  Have Triphala. Triphala is a natural Ayurvedic herb made by drying and grinding 3 fruits.It is balancing for all doshas. Having Triphala daily with warm water helps to have a complete bowel movement everyday. It is non habit forming. It is completely natural. You can buy it here or even at Sprouts. Having a good bowel movement goes a long way to maintain health at both Body and Mind level.


These are simple steps that have profound results. All the best keeping your Vata in check. Take special care of yourself during Fall season as that is the season when Vata aggravates very quickly.


These are general recommendations. It is always a good idea to show yourself to a trained Ayurveda professional so you can get customized recommendations.

The author is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. If you would like to work with her, you can book a 30 min complimentary clarity call with her here.


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