My Cough and Cold Protocol for my Children

ayurveda children cough and cold holistic home remedies Apr 08, 2023
Cough and Cold natural remedies for kids

We all know that one of the most challenging times of parenthood is when the child is sick. In this blog I am sharing what I do as soon as my child starts 'feeling' sick:

  1. Remove dairy, wheat and sugar from the child's diet. 
  2. Use a steam inhaler to release and remove congestion.
  3. Switch to warm/ hot water in a thermos for the entire day and night.
  4. Feed a palatable home remedy twice a day. Once in the morning after waking up and once before bedtime. You can choose the recipe depending on the type of cough - wet or dry.
  5. Reduce the load on the digestive system. How?
    1. By reducing no. of meals. Not insisting for the child to eat unless hungry.
    2. By feeding only easy to digest meals with spices like Kitchari or lentils and rice (dal chawal).
    3. By sipping lots of warm water.
  6. Taking lots of rest. Restricting screen time and limiting to light hearted content.
  7. If their nose is blocked and they cannot sleep at night, I put a pillow under the mattress to create an incline and raise their head higher. I also put Vicks Kids Vaporub in the soles of their feet and cover with socks just before bedtime.
  8. I use high quality essential oil like Eucalyptus oil or Tulsi Oil during the day. I apply small dabs of the oil behind their ears.
  9. Lots of loving words and encouragement :)


You are doing great dear Moms! Keep going! Do share your own tips as well in the comments!



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