5 Tips to add GLOW to your SKIN!

ayurveda beauty glow happy radiance skin wellness Jan 15, 2024
5 Tips to add glow to skin

Hey everyone! Today, I'm excited to share five simple tips that will give your skin that amazing glow. Imagine it like the warm, comforting light of a ghee lamp – that's the kind of radiance we're aiming for!


Let's dive into these simple daily practices.

First up is Grounding ourselves, just like a ghee lamp in its solid earth container. Think of your meals as a ritual to connect with the earth element. Instead of rushing through, find a clean space, sit down – maybe on the floor or at the dining table – and take a moment to calm yourself before you start eating. It's a fantastic way to connect with your food, engage your senses, and be present in the moment.

Moving on to the water element – represented by the ghee in our example. Treat your body like the precious organ it is. Feed it oil - internally and externally so it can glow internnally which is then reflected outwardly! Check the ingredients of your creams and lotions, and consider switching to natural cold-pressed oils that suit your skin. I personally use jojoba oil at night and in the morning after a shower. You can also boost the internal glow by incorporating ghee into your diet.

Now, let's talk about the fire element, that spark that lights up our tea. What lights you up? Reflect on moments of true happiness in the past few days or months, and make a conscious effort to incorporate more of those opportunities into your life.

Next, we have the air element – just like the right amount of oxygen keeping our ghee lamp glowing. Practice deep breathing throughout the day, making sure it's effortless. Close your eyes, inhale for four counts, and exhale slowly for six counts. This simple practice helps fan your inner fire and brings out that natural glow.

And finally, space. Picture the emptiness after blowing out a candle – that's our fifth tip. Embrace those moments of nothingness, allowing space for new things to come in.

So there you have it – five easy tips to add that radiant glow to your skin. Remember, it's all about simple practices that bring you joy and nourish your body. Enjoy the journey to glowing skin! 🌟




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