There is Always a Light!

ayurveda balance hope love mom solutions Dec 06, 2023
Hope, Light, Guidance, Universe

I have come to realize that the world we see is an illusion. 

There is a deeper dimension to our world which, though hidden from our physical eyes, keeps playing hide and seek with us.

One day, when the time is right, it becomes visible to us in all its glory. When that happens, one starts crying.... crying copiously as one couldn't have known that it is 'possible' to experience this kind of joy, this kind of love, this kind of connection. This kind of blinding light that gently gathers you up in its arms and says 'Don't worry, you are being taken care of....'.

Each of us have been born to carry our own cross... We all have our unique problems... I have had mine too.... I suffered from acute anxiety... occasional depression..... relationship issues.. digestive issues... weight issues... commitment issues.... self doubt....  parenting issues.... cluelessness about my life purpose.... felt an unhappiness that ran so deep that I felt choked....

And then Ayurveda (Aa-yur-veda) happened to me and taught me its ok to fall into this deep, scary, black abyss....I am where I am supposed to be...and there is a light at the end of it.... there is always a light no matter how long one's tunnel is..... there is always a light.... It whispered to me that complicated problems need not have complicated solutions.... A simple step can have profound results.... results that permeate deep into the varied dimensions of life and bring balance to our body, mind and soul.....

In conclusion, what you are seeking, is seeking you. Your job is to just create the Intention and ask for help!

We all have Angels and Spirit Guides who are watching over us. Just think of them and ask them for help. The universe's wheels will set into motion and you will start getting answers/ people/ resources that can come to your aid... 

Have you experienced the Universe's Magic? Do share in the comments. I would love to hear from you!




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